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September 2019 newsletter


Civil works on site nears completion Despite the weather’s best efforts during the winter months, the project team has been able to progress the remaining civil works and they are now coming to the end.Installation of storm water drainage lines between the ponds and across the site continues and the construction of the new control room and office for the plant operators is progressing well. The roof is expected to go on this month and our target is to have the operating team working from the building by the end of the year... The read the full Ngawha [...]

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July 2019 newsletter


Civil work progresses Good progress has been made these past few months to get the site ready for the next stage of the project. Approximately 450,000 m3 of soil has been moved over the course of this year. That’s equivalent to a 65m, or 20-storey, high tower of soil the size of a rugby field. The main site entrance off Ngawha Springs Road has been completed. Fencing, signage and a security guard are now in place. The pipeline routes, internal roads, and the power station platform are now largely complete. The builder for the new control room and [...]

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Power station update


Over the last year we have been gathering video footage of the expansion of the Ngāwhā power station. This has been complied into a brief project update to show how we are progressing.With the completion of the well drilling recently and the demobilisation of the Iceland Drilling Rig, it is timely to share the latest update. The video below useful for providing an insight into the scale of the works involved.For more information please go to: www.topenergy.co.nzFor more information please contact:Philippa White, philippa.white@topenergy.co.nz  / 021-2418740

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January 2019 newsletter


Production well testing The three production wells were tested in September and October 2018 by releasing geothermal fluid to the surface. Many of you will have seen the dramatic plumes of steam as it was vented into the air while the hot water was pumped back into the ground through an injection well. This testing confirmed that the wells can provide enough geothermal fluid at the required temperature and pressure to power the proposed station. To read the latest Ngawha update in full please click here.

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