Civil work progresses

Good progress has been made these past few months to get the site ready for the next stage of the project.

Approximately 450,000 m3 of soil has been moved over the course of this year. That’s equivalent to a 65m, or 20-storey, high tower of soil the size of a rugby field.

  • The main site entrance off Ngawha Springs Road has been completed. Fencing, signage and a security guard are now in place.
  • The pipeline routes, internal roads, and the power station platform are now largely complete.
  • The builder for the new control room and office for the plant operators has set up his work area on site.
  • Power and water services for the next tranche of contractors have been provided.
  • A new pond to hold the cuttings left over from the well drilling operations has been completed.
  • Several resource consent compliance activities are completed, including the commissioning of an air quality monitor and ground water monitoring wells.

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