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The Ngawha Power Station Expansion

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How geothermal power generation works.

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The expansion of the Ngawha geothermal power station will increase security and reliability of the power supply for Northland. Construction is underway to expand the Ngawha geothermal power station and more than double the power station’s generation capacity to 53 megawatts by June 2021.

Good news for Northlanders

Ultimately, expansion of the Ngawha Geothermal Power Station could secure the region’s energy independence, with clear benefits for local consumers by providing a renewable and lower cost source of generation and power.

Security of supply and reliability will be improved for the whole of Northland by making it less reliant on generation from the south and associated transmission through Auckland.

Safe, reliable and renewable

Geothermal energy is a safe and reliable energy source. It’s not dependent on rainfall like hydro-power or other fluctuations in supply, and is considered renewable and sustainable energy source.

The generation model sees the geothermal fluids extracted injected back into the underground reservoir, minimising environmental impacts and maintaining the reservoir fluid mass.

Good for the whole country

The expansion of the power station contributes towards the Government’s stated policy target of 90% renewable electricity generation by 2030 and supports its climate change objectives. It will also improve national electricity security of supply, by contributing 1% of total national electricity production from a stead and renewable source.

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